Holiday Guide To Giving

When it comes to charitable giving and volunteering, Ireland is the most generous country in Europe! Not only that, but according to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) World Giving Index, Ireland is the fifth most generous country in the world! Giving Tuesday is upon us, and in honour of this great day, we wanted to share some fun facts about Irish giving (2018).

There are over 5,500 registered charities in Ireland.

The average annual household charitable donation is €205!

Volunteers remain an important resource for charities, with 300,000 volunteers donating 67.9 million hours!

The holiday season is a time a wonderful time of year where you’re likely going to festive dinners and parties, taking part in gift exchanges and enjoying wonderful meals together. While many of us are partaking in holiday cheer, it’s also important to remember those in need and this season, many people will be inspired not only to give wonderful gifts to their loved ones but to also give back to those in need. There are many ways to do this, be that buying gifts, volunteering time, or donating to causes you care about.

If you choose to participate in #GivingTuesday or year-end charitable giving season, then we encourage you to take the time to ensure that your donations are doing the most good for the causes you care about. To help out, we’ve outlined a few helpful tips below:

Maximising tax benefits to charity — Did you know that here in Ireland, if you give €250 or more, the charity that you have donated to is able to receive tax back from Revenue? To qualify for tax back in the current calendar year, donors must fill out their CHY3/4 forms before December 31st. As a result, a tremendous amount of charitable giving occurs between #GivingTuesday (27th of November) and the end of the year.

Don’t forget, in order for charities to claim this back from Revenue, you must first sign a CHY3/4 form and mail it back to revenue. So please be sure to pop that form in the mail once you’ve made this year’s holiday contribution!

Company matching — Do you work for one of the many companies that participate in company matching? If you don’t know, head over to Double the Donation to browse hundreds of companies that will maximise your donations, or simply reach out to your HR team. If you do, don’t forget to let your company know about the donations you’ve made throughout the year to ensure that the causes you support are able to maximise your precious gift.

No matter how big or small your donation, we can all make a difference this holiday season! There are lots of ways to make an impact; from donations, to volunteer work, or even something as simple as a smile. Get out there and spread the work, we can’t wait to hear how you’ve made a difference this year! #Change4Change.