Small Change. BIG Impact.

About us



We believe that making an impact is not about how much you can give, it’s about giving what you can to those in need. At Change Donations we make giving easy. Our mission is to help people change the world through everyday spending. We are a community of everyday philanthropists donating one cent at a time to incredible causes that are inspiring positive change across the globe.




The foundational pillars here at Change Donations are Transparency, Passion, Integrity, and Community.


Transparency:No ‘fine print’”

Transparency is the bedrock of trust and at the centre of our company. If you have a question, our door is always open. We feel the donation process should be simple and easy to follow, and you should know exactly where your donations are going.


Passion: “We’re here because we care”

Our team is passionate about inspiring positive change. We believe that passion is the driving force behind happiness, and can be an incredibly powerful positive force, and we encourage each person in the Change community to let their passion shine through


Integrity:We do the right thing

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. Giving is more than just donating, it’s a lifestyle. As a social enterprise, compassion, empathy, and honesty are part of our DNA, and we are diligently reflective about prioritizing those in need above all else.


Community:Helping people is our passion”

We are building a community of everyday philanthropists, putting people at the core of what we care about. We strive for diversity of perspective and circumstance in order to build a community that reflects the needs and mindsets of everyone in our community. As such, our community objective is to promote personal responsibility, truth, and purpose.